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Residential Pressure Washing Lansing

Residential Pressure Washing In Lansing, MI

Your residential property faces the outside elements day in and day out. From rain and snow to the scorching sun and beyond, there's a lot of grit and grime that adheres to your home. ProClean Pressure Washing of Lansing, MI provides state-of-the-art soft wash services for your residential buildings. Our methods are tried and true and have been perfected over the last 20 years. 

We use a tough-on-dirt-but-gentle-on-surfaces soft wash technique that is guaranteed to leave your house sparkling clean.
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residential pressure washing truck in Lansing
residential pressure washing in lansing

Soft Wash House Washing Services

Not just anyone is equipped to pressure wash a residential home and this includes DIYers. ProClean has the experience to get the job done the right way using the renowned soft wash method. Soft washing involves breaking through the layers of dirt, grime, and stains but preserving tiles, siding, and your windows without damaging them. Using too high of pressure can shatter or crack the outer surfaces of your residential property. 

We use top-of-the-line cleaners to complement the soft wash process which is why ProClean has a reputation of being the best residential pressure washing company in Lansing.
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Residential Window Washing Services in Lansing

Some would say that the windows are the eyes to your home and we at ProClean pressure washing of Lansing would have to agree. When your windows are mucked up with grit, grime, and smudges it can take away from your home's curb appeal. You see, when we commit to pressure washing your residential property we commit to covering every square inch of your home and this includes the windows. 

Our unique soft wash method is tough of dirt but gentle on glass. You never have to worry about our pressure washing services shattering or breaking your windows. You'll be left with streak-free, sparkling clean windows that'll make you proud.
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residential pressure washing services in Lansing
residential pressure washing services in lansing

Pressure Washing is For Gutters, Too

So many times the gutters of a residential property are neglected because the homeowner doesn't feel safe getting up on a ladder and doing the dirty work for themselves. At ProClean Pressure Washing in Lansing, we don't blame them! Gutter cleaning is a serious and risky business and should be left to the professionals. 

We use our soft wash cleaning system to scoop out mud, silt, leaves, and dirt that has been littering your gutters for years. Our soft wash solvents are designed to dissolve tough-to-remove debris like butter on a hot knife. 
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More ProClean Pressure Washing Services in Lansing 

In addition to residential pressure washing services, ProClean also offers commercial, exterior house washing, patio and deck washing, driveway and sidewalk cleaning, and roof washing services. Click on any of the buttons below to learn more about these valuable services. Remember, if it's not ProClean it's NOT clean!

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