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Patio & Deck Pressure Washing Lansing

Professional Patio & Deck Pressure Washing in Lansing

Your patio and deck are the outdoor hubs of your home. These areas are places for entertaining, relaxing, and having a friendly chat with a neighbor. Keeping your patio and deck looking pristine helps you get maximum enjoyment out of the spaces. ProClean provides expert patio and deck pressure washing services in Lansing that you can smile about. 

Our pressure washing methods have been put to the test for over 20 years and we've docked thousands of satisfied customers. We use soft wash cleaning technology that safely and effectively gets rid of stains, bacteria, and mold so you can get back to enjoying your deck and patio.
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patio pressure washing in lansing
patio pressure washing services in lansing

Pressure Washing Nixes Mold From Decks & Patios

It makes sense that mold and mildew would be prominent residents on your deck and patio surfaces, especially when these areas surround a pool. Constant moisture creates a breeding ground for bacteria, and at ProClean Power Washing Lansing we have the means to blast bacteria out of your space. 

Unlike other companies, we use a soft wash power washing method that breaks down unsightly stains by tackling the cause: bacteria. Our cleaners are gentle on your wood and concrete but a nightmare on mold, mildew, algae, and microbial colonies. Our eco-friendly cleaners are safe for surfaces, pets, and humans, alike.
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There's No Time Like Now to Get Expert Patio & Deck Pressure Washing in Lansing

Having your patio or deck all set for the summer season is something that all homeowners look forward, too. Our pressure washing company offers deck and patio power washing services in Lansing that leave not only your structures clean but your patio furniture, too! We use our professional soft wash power washing method to break through layers of dirt and stains that are adhered to your tables and chairs. We bet you thought they'd never get clean! 

ProClean is always up for a challenge and we promise, no matter how grimy your patio furniture may be, our team will restore them to a like-new state.
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patio pressure washing in lansing
deck pressure washer cleaning in lansing

Your Deck & Patio Deserve a Makeover

It's hard to believe what a little pressure washing can do to restore a deck or patio that has suffered through season after season of weather patterns, animal litter, and human interaction. Many homeowners don't even realize the potential that these entertainment areas have under the grit and grime. ProClean is here to restore the beauty and luster of your pool and porch areas by using power washing methods that haven't failed us the entire 20 years we've been in business. 

If you want your deck and patio to sparkle and shine like the day it did when it was built, get in touch with our friendly staff today!
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Patio & Deck Pressure Washing in Lansing is Just the Start!

At ProClean, we are professional pressure washers. We take pride in providing the Lansing area with power cleaning services that they can trust. In addition to patio & deck cleaning we also offer many other soft wash pressure washing services like commercial, residential, and roof cleaning. Get in touch with us today to receive a FREE estimate on any of our services.

Get Clean with ProClean of Lansing 

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