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Advanced Technique Cleaning Services for Lansing Gutters

As professionals that do gutter cleaning in Lansing, it really is incredible what we pull out these drainage systems. You wouldn't believe the amount of soil, dead leaves, and even live animals that we found up there! Don't worry; we always relocate the animals to a safer destination. 

Lansing gutters always need professional cleaning services, and we're the crew to give them! We have over twenty years of experience in the pressure washing industry, and that includes making sure gutters are free from debris and functioning properly. 

A full gutter cannot serve its intended purpose and must be clear of blockages. Are you ready to have your gutters emptied? 

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Why is Professional Gutter Cleaning Crucial?

Cleaning out your gutters in Lansing, MI, is important because you can have structural damage when you don't do this vital part of exterior home maintenance. For example, full gutters can detach from your roof and fall to the ground. What if you or your children were standing beneath it? Not a good scenario! Here are some other reasons why having expert gutter cleaning services is essential:

  • Pest Control - Small animals like birds, rabbits, and even snakes can take up residence in your gutters by building nests. That isn't great for the homeowner or the animals, and they must be relocated.
  • Prevents Ice-Dam Formation - Michigan is notorious for cold and icy winters. As a result, ice tends to form on the bottom ledges of roofs, and when it melts, the water drains through the gutter, but that can't happen when there are blockages.
  • Landscape Protection - when gutters cannot correctly drain, they tend to continuously drip water onto grass and plants, causing them to be overwatered and eventually die.
  • Home Insurance - Not keeping your gutters clean can actually void your home owner's insurance and associated warranties!

If you haven't already, we invite you to visit our frequently updated blog for more information on gutter cleaning and power washing.

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Six Signs You Require Gutter Cleaning in Lansing

In some cases, a need for gutter cleaning might be obvious, and at other times, not so much. However, if you notice any of the telltale signs and symptoms, you should probably give us a call!  Mold and mildew staining is a sign that your gutters are full of water and moisture that have been there for quite some time. 

Do you notice any leaves or debris poking out of your gutters? If so, it is safe to assume your gutters are chock-full of organic matter. Things like bird's nests, rodents, and even insect infestations should be taken as a clear signal that your gutters are in rough shape. Plants should never be growing inside of your gutters, so if you notice any green foliage under your roof's ledge, it's time to take action. 

Lastly, are your gutters sagging? That is a significant issue, and without expert cleaning services could result in structural damages.
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ProClean is Lansing's BEST Gutter Cleaner!

Cleaning out gutters is one of our most popular services. It's probably because it's a very dirty job that can be dangerous without the proper safety equipment. 

We don't recommend that any home or business owner hop up on their rooftops in order to clean their gutters. That job is best left to the professionals. You can count on us to get your gutters cleaned quickly and thoroughly for a competitive price. 

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