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Lansing Sanitization Services Available Now From ProClean Power Washing Experts!


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Kills Mold, Bacteria & Viruses

including Covid-19 and influenza

Environmentally Friendly

EPA registered, non-toxic, biodegradable

Leave Your Site "As Is"

Safe 2-hour process and no residue

Now Offering Advanced Sanitizing Cleaning Services in Lansing

When we watched the COVID-19 pandemic spread quickly across the country and throughout the world, we knew that we had work to do. Instead of shutting our doors and waiting to see what happened, we researched the EPA- List N of approved disinfectants to learn what we could do to help people stay safe and healthy. ProClean Power Washing Lansing is one of the only cleaning companies in Lansing with a cleaning agent that's EPA approved for eliminating viruses, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants that are guaranteed to last for 90 days.

Open your doors again safely by learning more about our sanitization and disinfectant cleaning services in Lansing. Our power washers in Lansing are eager to assist you and answer all of your questions now.
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ProClean Lansing's Perfectly-Flawless Method for Sanitizing & Disinfectant Cleaning Services

The first step is reaching out to our friendly technicians to discuss your cleaning services, square footage, and pricing. Don't worry. It's all completely contactless.
There's nothing for you to do in regard to our arrival. Leave your building exactly how it is, and we will evaluate and perform the necessary sanitizing cleaning services in Lansing as it sits.
Our state-of-the-art atomizer equipment guarantees complete disinfection and sanitization of every surface top to bottom. We promise to get every inch.
After the treatment is completed, which is always done in a time-efficient manner by our experienced pros, you only have to wait two hours. Then your space is yours to utilize freely again.
You will be left with an unwavering sense of safety and security that every article that could have otherwise contaminated the space is gone for good... or for at least the next few months.
Get a free power washing service in Lansing by our appreciative cleaning company when you refer us to your friends, family, and colleagues. It's our way to say THANK YOU!
atomizer used to provide sanitization services

No Other Cleaning Companies in Lansing Do it Like Us!

There is a considerable collection of results that will get kicked back to you when searching for cleaning companies in Lansing. Be aware that not all are equal. When you're expecting a covid cleaning, you can't hire a group that uses household cleaning solutions. They aren't powerful enough or effective against contagious viruses like influenza and coronavirus. To get proper disinfection and sanitization that lasts for three months, you need ProClean Power Washing Lansing.

The EPA approves our cleaning agents to erase coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and more when applied accurately. Trust that our team has been adequately trained to get the results you expect. Get in touch to get a FREE contactless estimate.
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Emergencies Happen: Trust Us with All Your Covid Cleaning

When customers, employees, or even food in restaurants are present, you can't exactly schedule covid disinfecting services in Lansing. It's unfortunate, but you can be informed of a positive case entering your building without warning. You're to shut down your operations immediately and wait for a proper sanitizing and disinfection cleaning, but how long can you afford to close?

You must have your surfaces deep cleaned as soon as possible, and that's why we have our power washing equipment loaded and ready to go whenever you call. There's a representative available right now, and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call us at the first sign your building's safety is at risk.
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  • Verified Client Reviews

    "My medical center near downtown Lansing works with patients who are positive for COVID-19 so I knew I needed frequent sanitization services. Thankfully, ProClean Sanitization Service's team provides overnight services. 10/10 recommend them!"
  • Verified Reviews

    "If your looking for someone to power wash your house or even business and want great prices.....this business is definitely the one to go to! He did my house and wow oh wow my house likes totally amazing! Would definitely recommend them!"
disinfecting an office building in lansing mi

Expert Sanitizing Cleaning 

How do you know if cleaning service in Lansing is necessary? You're already struggling to make ends meet, so paying out for another expense isn't what you want to hear. The more important thing to remember is that you want to keep yourself, your employees, and your customers healthy. There are plenty of reasons to schedule with our cleaning company in Lansing. Some of the most common calls we get are for: Medical centers, Restaurants, Schools/Colleges, Hotels, Doctor's offices, & Retail stores

Frequently business owners will reach out to our power washing company in Lansing to learn more about our exclusive coronavirus cleaning services after they've been notified of possible contact. You should consider doing once every 90 days to keep your building as clean and comfortable as possible.
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The Invisible Enemy Will Disappear with Our Superior Cleaning Options!

We're proud of our power washing company in Lansing, and we know our fellow Michiganders are just as proud of their self-made entities. Now is the time to team up and see what we can do to beat the virus together. Coronavirus cleaning services are the only surefire way to keep the quickly spreading diseases from overtaking our state. So call us today and do your part to help make a difference!

Same-day appointments are available, and contactless quotes are FREE!
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