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Commercial Power Washing in Lansing

Commercial Power Washing in Lansing

Whether it be a storefront or apartment building complex, ProClean Power Washing of Lansing has the resources to make your commercial property shimmer and shine. Our methods are modern, perfected, and guaranteed to break through layers of dirt and debris that has accumulated over the years. Your commercial property should look inviting, appealing, and professional. 

Having a clean exterior not only makes your customers feel welcome but it can also boost your business. ProClean, has the experience, equipment, and high-quality cleaners to give your commercial property the facelift that it so desperately needs. 
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commercial power washing in Lansing
Pressure Washing in Lansing

Professional Power Washing Boosts Your Business

Imagine you're looking for an apartment complex to call your new home. You certainly won't go running to a dank, dingy building that looks unkempt and dirty on the outside. What would it look like on the inside? ProClean Power Washing of Lansing specializes in commercial building cleaning that will boost your property's curb appeal AND boost your profits. 

Our methods of pressure washing are tried and true. We use an advanced soft wash technique that leaves your commercial buildings looking squeaky clean without causing any damage to your siding, gutters, or windows.
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Expert Commercial Power Washing Services in Lansing

ProClean has over 20 years of power washing experience behind us. We are always perfecting our methods and making them better and more reliable than the competition. It is in your best interest to hire a professional pressure washing company like ours to clean your commercial buildings. We use a modern soft wash approach that is tough on dirt and gentle on your surfaces. 

Using water that is too pressurized or cleaners that are corrosive can harm your property. Our team of experts knows exactly how to buff away surface grime and grit without causing damages. You'll be left with a clean you can see!
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commercial power washing services
commercial pressure washing in lansing

Hiring ProClean Saves You Time & Money

As a commercial property owner, you are probably extremely busy handling the day to day tasks of your business. Pressure washing your own commercial building takes a lot of time and effort and if you don't do it correctly you could be out a lot of money. Our pressure washing company wants to handle this burden for you and provide your commercial property with the best clean it's ever seen! 

We'll apply our tried and true power washing methods and do so in a timely manner. We always get the job done right the first time. Plus, our prices are the most competitive in all of Lansing. We provide pressure washing services for any budget.
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Clean Commercial Roof Pressure Washing in Lansing

Are you tired of your business property's roof looking filthy? We can help you with that through commercial roof cleaning in Lansing. Our team of power washing gurus has the supplies and equipment to remove tough roof stains, debris, and more. If your roofing system has some weak spots, we can also use our soft wash method to ensure no damages occur. 

You see, at ProClean, we've got it all figured out. All you have to do is sit back and let us do the dirty work. We'll have your commercial roof as clean as a whistle in no time!
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Check Out Our Other Pressure Washing Services in Lansing

 Once you go with ProClean you'll never go back to another pressure washing company again! In fact, you'll be seeking out the other services that we have to offer, and there are many. From  residential pressure washing to gutter cleaning, we do it all. Contact us today and tell us what you're looking for! We look forward to hearing from you and telling you all about our amazing pressure washing services.

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