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Pressure Washing Services in Lansing

The Best Pressure Washing Services in Lansing, MI

ProClean of Lansing Offers a Plethora of Power Washing Services You Can Count On!
For over 20 years, ProClean Power Washing of Lansing has been provided unmatched soft wash pressure washing services to the local and surrounding areas. Our company takes great pride in all of our projects and our 5-star reviews are proof. We proudly offer residential, commercial, exterior house cleaning, patio & deck cleaning, driveway & sidewalk cleaning, and roof cleaning pressure washing services. 

We want your exteriors to gleam and shine like the day they were built and in order to do that you need a professional company, like ProClean, to get the job down right the first time. Take the plunge and trust us with all of your power washing projects.
residential pressure washing truck in Lansing

Check Out All of ProClean's Invaluable Pressure Washing Services in Lansing

Top-Notch Residential Pressure Wash House Cleaning 

Your home is your pride and joy because it's a major life investment. We understand your desire to keep your house looking neat and pristine. Imagine an onlooker driving past your house and doing a double-take at how brilliantly clean it looks and wishing that their house looked the same way. 

Oh, the envy! Well, friend, ProClean Pressure Washing of Lansing can make this dream come true with our professional residential pressure washing services. We use our cutting-edge soft wash technology to blast away dirt and debris while being ultra-careful to protect the integrity of your siding, brick, or other exterior surfaces. You're going to LOVE how your house looks!
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Residential Power Washing in Lansing
commercial power washing in Lansing

High-Quality Commercial Pressure Washing in Lansing

Window smudges? Debris and bird droppings littering your storefront? Do you fear your customers are being deterred due to a dirty looking building? ProClean Power washing of Lansing can help you nip these problems in the bud, FAST! Our skilled and trained staff knows a thing or two about polishing up storefronts, tidying the outer structure of apartment buildings, and making commercial spaces look like new again. 

ProClean is the premier commercial pressure washing connoisseur of the Lansing area. We hope you'll give us a chance to show you exactly what we're made of and why so many business owners choose us over the competition.

Epic Exterior House Cleaning by ProClean

Are there days when you're sitting in your driveway staring at your siding and wishing it had the sparkle it once did the day you purchased the property? Maybe, your siding has never really looked clean and you don't even know the potential that lurks beneath the grimy surface. Stop what you're doing and get a FREE estimate from ProClean Power washing of Lansing. 

One of our areas of expertise is using the soft wash exterior house cleaning method. Our talented team will break through the layers of dirt on your exterior walls and reveal the gorgeous clean that's just dying to be seen! You really don't want to miss out on this.
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exterior pressure washing services in Lansing
Patio & Deck Washing in Lansing

Prestigious Patio & Deck Cleaning in Lansing

Backyard BBQs, summer shindigs, and porch-sitting in the moonlight are just a few of things that many homeowners enjoy doing on their patios and decks. However, the fun can be sucked right out of these activities when your outdoor spaces are dingy, dirty, and grimy. Nobody wants to eat a hamburger on a deck that looks like it hasn't seen rain since 1975. 

Don't worry! ProClean Pressure Washing of Lansing has your back. We use tried and true methods combined with over 20 years experience to restore the luster of your outdoor area with patio and deck cleaning Lansing. You'll be proud to host an outdoor get-together after ProClean is on the scene.
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Superb Sidewalk & Driveway Power Washing

Weather, automotive leaks, and many other things can stain sidewalks and driveways. your home is the forefront of curb appeal and next up is the concrete that surrounds your fortress. You want these concrete areas to sparkle and shine just like the rest of your house. ProClean has the skills and equipment to totally take out tough stains with driveway and sidewalk power washing

Oil spills, antifreeze, sidewalk chalk, etc. do not stand a chance against our pressure washing techniques. We use methods that have been perfected over the last 20 years and have proven to be wildly effective in Lansing sidewalk and driveway pressure washing.
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sidewalk & driveway power washing
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Professional Roof Cleaning in Lansing 

Your roof is one of your greatest assets as a home or business owner. After all, the roof is the literal cover that protects you, your loved ones, and your valuables from the elements. Sometimes Lansing roof cleaning is of utmost importance. After baking in the scorching sun, being assaulted by bird droppings, and pelted with rain it only makes sense that your roof will need some TLC. 

ProClean Pressure Washing of Lansing uses top-of-the-line equipment and cleaners to remove the grit and grime from your shingles leaving them amazingly clean and not bogged down by debris. We take it personally when a roof looks grimy and make it our mission to restore it to a state of architectural glory.
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Patio, Driveway, Walkway Paver Cleaning & Sealing

ProClean Power Washing Lansing offers comprehensive paver cleaning and sealing services for both commercial and residential properties. Our team of pressure washing experts uses tried and true methods that leave paver looking like new. You can count on our detergents to blast away dirt and virus-causing germs. 

Our team is dedicated to your safety and well-being, which is why we follow all CDC guidelines. ProClean is an affordable pressure washing company that has truck-mounted equipment that gets the job done in half the time. We work fast, efficiently, and are always on time with a smile on our faces.
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expert completing sanitization services in lansing home

Residential & Commercial Sanitization Services Lansing

We, at ProClean Power Washing, take your health and safety very seriously. Our team of highly-qualified power washing gurus has been trained and briefed on all CDC recommendations and guidelines concerning safe work practices during the current pandemic. You can count on us to use appropriate PPE and detergents that contain bacteria and virus eradicating properties. 

You and your family will always be safe when we're on the scene for sanitization cleaning services in Lansing. Not only will your residential and commercial exteriors shine bright with a pristine clean, but they'll be germ-free, too! Contact us today for an estimate.
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Fantastic Fence Pressure Washing in Lansing, MI

Does your fence in Lansing look a little grubby? Perhaps, it could use some professional fence pressure washing services. Our team at ProClean offers a few different options to rid your wood, metal, or PVC fence from stains and environmental organisms. 

We can take a traditional power washing approach or opt for the soft wash method. We'll determine what's best for your fence upon inspection. Believe it or not, mold, mildew, and even algae can take hold of your fence's fibers and cause ugly staining and health hazards. 

Allow us to blast the grit and grime away for the lowest price in Michigan.
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fence pressure washing in Lansing
roof and gutter cleaning lansing, michigan

Superior Gutter Cleaning in Lansing, MI

In Lansing, Michigan, gutters can get pretty grimy and require frequent professional cleaning. Our company is happy to oblige! We use specialized tools and equipment to lift away debris and dirt from your home's gutters. 

Things like animal nests, small rodents, insects, and dead leaves weighted down by water can be sources of significant problems. We've seen gutters fall off homes and land in the yard due to excessive weight and pressure. It's easy to prevent that from happening through expert gutter cleaning services

We hope you'll contact us today to schedule your appointment and receive a FREE consultation and estimate.
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Trust our Pressure Washing for Siding in Lansing

Has your vinyl siding in Lansing, MI, seen better days? Perhaps, some professional pressure washing services are in order! If so, we urge you to call our ProClean team today because we have all the answers when it comes to power washing. Over time, siding can become bogged down by grit, grime, and grub, making the appearance of your home anything but aesthetic. Also, stains and organic material from the elements can eat paint, wood, and PVC materials. Therefore, it's always wise to have pressure washing for siding routinely. 

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ProClean of Lansing Pressure Washing Service Areas 

ProClean Pressure Washing Services the Lansing and surrounding areas of Mason and Fowlerville. Our team of competent and dependable employees look forward to making your home, roof, and other exterior surfaces gleam and shine with our tried and true soft wash technique.

Get Clean with ProClean of Lansing 

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