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Thinking of Pressure Washing Your House? What Many Homeowners Wish They Knew!

July 11, 2020

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Pressure washing is an excellent way of removing layers of dirt, mud, sand, silt, mold, and other debris from a home’s roof, exterior walls, and windows. Power washing is also useful for cleaning motor oil and other such stains from driveways, and for getting sand and dust out from those difficult-to-reach pits and pores along patio paver surfaces.

While pressure washing is a great method of exterior house cleaning, it can also damage brick, siding, wood surfaces, and glass when done incorrectly. Homeowners should also realize that different detergents and surfactants are best for various surfaces around their property, and that weather conditions might affect your pressure washing work!

Before you run down to the hardware store and rent some pressure washing equipment, you might do well to note some precautions about this work and how to do it effectively. You might also consider some reasons why it’s recommended you call a pressure washing contractor near you versus trying this work on your own!

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It’s also helpful for homeowners to note the benefits of regular roof washing, exterior house washing, driveway pressure cleaning, and other such work, so you don’t let these precautions stop you from scheduling power washing services. You can then discuss your concerns with a contractor near you and know that your home is clean and pristine and always in good condition!

What to Know Before Pressure Washing a House

Pressure washing a house is more complicated than many homeowners realize and means more than simply spraying outside surfaces with high-pressure water and rinsing away dirt. To ensure you avoid damaging your home and know when it’s best to leave this work in the hands of a pros, note some precautions about pressure washing a house and how to get this job done right!

  • Harsh sunlight easily dries detergent and soapy water along surfaces, making it difficult to rinse them away. In turn, you might wind up with unsightly, sticky streaks of detergent and dirty water.
  • When pressure washing, the wand must be held at a slight angle in order to loosen dirt. Holding the wand right over dirty surfaces might only push that grime and debris deeper into materials and surfaces along your property!
  • When cleaning exterior siding, start from the bottom of the home and work your way upwards. This cleans dirt clinging to the underside of the folds or bends in siding, making it easier to rinse away that grime.
  • Higher pressure isn’t always the best way of removing layers of thick dirt and grime or stubborn stains, as too much pressure etches wood, chips brick, dents siding, and even shatters exterior glass. Instead, you might need to use a specialty detergent or cleanser to dissolve that thick dirt.
  • Pressure washing equipment comes with various nozzles, for a wider spray, more concentrated spray, to allow thick soap to pass through, and the like. Choosing the right nozzle makes quick work of cleaning large areas and reduces the risk of clogs.
  • When pressure washing their property, homeowners often forget to note where all that dirty water ends up, and to plan for messy splatter! It’s vital that you be prepared to direct rinse water away from your lawn and landscaping features as well as exterior glass, and aim the wand in such a way so as to reduce splatter.
  • Specialty scrub brushes are often used by pressure washing contractors to loosen dirt, dust, sand, and other debris trapped in concrete and stone pits and pores. Without proper scrubbing, you might notice lots of dirt and debris left behind after driveway power washing or pool deck cleaning.

Why Avoid DIY Pressure Washing

Pressure washing your house probably looks simple enough and online videos are often a tremendous help in walking you through the process. However, effective pressure washing requires years of training and experience! As said, it’s vital that you hold the wand at a certain angle when cleaning and know the right nozzle for various surfaces and detergents.

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Power washing is also more dangerous than many homeowners realize. Being on a ladder while trying to control a pressure washing wand and reach across various surfaces easily risks a fall. Messy splatter can also cause injury, and it’s often easier to damage your property’s various surfaces and materials than you might think!

Many homeowners also find that pressure washing a house or other surfaces takes far longer than they expected. While power washing equipment makes quicker work of cleaning exterior walls and other surfaces than a standard garden hose, it still might take several hours just to manage exterior house washing. If you need several surfaces cleaned, it’s often better to rely on a pressure washing company with a crew of workers and the knowhow needed to make quick work of the power washing services you need to have done.

The Many Advantages of Regular Pressure Washing

Before you put off pressure washing services, perhaps thinking it’s too difficult to manage on your own and too expensive to call a contractor, you might note some advantages of regular power washing for your property. First consider that layers of dirt, grime, sand, and other debris tend to etch and scratch brick, siding, glass, and wood. Neglecting needed power washing means damaged, unsightly surfaces that need repair or replacing sooner rather than later!

Exterior house washing also removes unsightly and unhealthy mold as well as layers of dust, pollen, and other irritants, improving your home’s appearance and outdoor air quality. If anyone in your home is sensitive to mold, dust, pollen, airborne chemicals, air pollution, and other such contaminants, ensure you schedule regular pressure washing services so the air around them is clean and healthy.

Roof washing is especially vital for homeowners, as storm residues and tree debris work their way under and between shingles, tiles, flashing, and other materials. If left in place, all that debris might loosen shingles, increasing the risk of losing them in a storm. Roof cleaning also kills damaging mold, moss, mildew, and algae along shingles and roof eaves, also protecting a roof from damage and improving outdoor air quality.

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A homeowner would also do well to schedule regular exterior house washing, driveway pressure washing, and other power washing services just to improve the look of their property! Layers of dirt and grime make any home look rundown and dingy no matter its other features. Power washing creates a welcoming, inviting outdoor space, ready for relaxing and entertaining.

When Is the Right Time to Schedule Exterior House Washing?

Many homeowners wonder if there is a right or wrong time to schedule exterior house washing, roof washing, and other such power washing services. While it might be good to avoid pressure washing during overly bright and sunny days, a power washing contractor knows how to rinse detergents and cleansers away quickly and efficiently so nothing gets dried onto surfaces and leaves behind unsightly streaks.

You might also schedule exterior house washing according to weather conditions in your area; for instance, if you live in a state with an especially stormy season, schedule roof washing and exterior house washing after those storms have passed. This will ensure your home and property are clean and pristine and protected from damaging storm debris.

Any homeowner who entertains outside on a regular basis might also schedule pressure washing services before they open the back deck or patio for the season, and then again after the season is over. Outdoor grills and kitchens, fire pits and other fire features, and cigarette smoke all leave residual soot and ash on exterior walls and windows. A thorough cleaning after you put the grill away can protect your home during the off-season and help keep it looking its best.

It’s also vital that you schedule needed pressure washing services if you’re thinking of putting your home on the real estate market! While you might not be in your home much longer so as to enjoy your newly cleaned exterior spaces, a clean home makes an excellent first impression on potential homebuyers while a dirty home might turn them away. A dirty home exterior might even trigger a reaction with a potential homebuyer sensitive to mold, dust, pollen, and other allergens, also making your home seem less than desirable.

Related Questions

Is pressure washing bad for a house?

Pressure washing protects a home from damaging dirt, mud, mold, and other contaminants, as said; the only time power washing is damaging is when it’s done incorrectly! To ensure a thorough, safe clean, rely on a power washing contractor rather than trying to DIY the job.

How often should you schedule power washing services?

Most homes benefit from exterior house washing and roof cleaning every few years. However, if your home is in an especially stormy, dusty, or sandy area, you might want to schedule pressure washing every year or even more often. Your pressure washing contractor can give you the best advice on how often you might need residential pressure washing for your home and property.

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