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Best 6 Restaurants in Nearby Fowlerville, Michigan

February 5, 2022

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Are you searching for some new restaurants in Fowlerville, Michigan? If so, you’re certainly in luck! The city and nearby areas offer lots of great opportunities for dining out.

In addition, many restaurants today still offer no-contact delivery, for those who prefer to eat in. To that end, check out this list of 6 great restaurants in and around Fowlerville you’re sure to enjoy!

1. Duke’s Pizza Plus

Duke’s Pizza Plus is known for their homemade pizzas boasting generous toppings. However, you might also check out their ribs, pasta, fresh salads, and more. In addition to favorite toppings, you can also order an outdoorsman pizza featuring elk, venison, and buffalo! To browse the menu before heading out, visit their website:

2. Fowlerville Farms Family Restaurant

As the name implies, Fowlerville Farms Family Restaurant offers a wide range of family favorites you’re sure to enjoy. One classic you might try is the strip steak, always cooked to perfection. Two, check out their full list of pizza options, perfect for the whole family!

Restaurant hours vary and, like many businesses, they might close during inclement weather. So, if you’re ready to visit, check out their Facebook page for directions and other vital info:

diner in fowlerville mi

3. The Feed Bag Café

When you’re ready for casual classics, head over to The Feed Bag Café on Grand Avenue in Fowlerville. This all-American café offers a range of favorites served in large portions sure to fill you up! For current hours and exact directions, check out their Facebook page:

4. Olden Days Café

Established in 1992, the Olden Days Café is a true throwback to classic, family-owned diners offering outstanding homemade fare. Menu items include mile-high burgers, classic chicken dishes, sandwiches, and breakfast items made to order. Check out their website for more information:

5. The Pizza Box of Fowlerville

Also boasting some of the best pizza in town, be sure to check out the Pizza Box of Fowlerville the next time you’re out. Chefs at the Pizza Box are always trying new menu ideas including BLT pizza and Philly steak pizza! For current hours, directions, and their full takeout menu, visit their Facebook page:

ice cream place in fowlerville mi

6. DairyVille Ice Cream

When it’s time to satisfy your sweet tooth, head over to DairyVille Ice Cream! This classic ice cream and burger shop offers a range of classic items, specializing in Michigan fare. Enjoy A&W root beer, Dearborn hot dogs, and Ashby’s hand-dipped ice cream. However, the store does close periodically when the weather becomes unbearable, so be sure to check their Facebook page as needed:

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