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Lansing Homeowners: 5 Reasons You Need Pressure Washing

June 17, 2021

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Lansing pressure washing is an excellent investment for your home, even if outside walls and other surfaces look relatively clean. If you’ve been putting off power washing for your property, check out 5 reasons why you should pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with a pressure washing contractor as soon as possible!

1. Lansing Pressure Washing Protects Surfaces

Cleaning away dirt, mud, soot, bird droppings, and air pollution residues from exterior walls and a home’s roof does more than just improve your property’s appearance. Those residues can dry out brick, clay tiles, asphalt shingles, wood decks and fences, and other outdoor materials, leading to premature damage and breakdown.

exterior house cleaning in lansing

Thick debris such as algae and moss can even work their way under and around roof tiles and shingles, loosening them and increasing the risk of losing them in a storm! Regular power washing protects your home from all this damage and keeps building materials and surfaces in good condition.

2. Power Washing Improves Outdoor Air Quality

You might not think you can do much to improve outdoor air quality but regular pressure washing means a cleaner environment, and is an especially excellent choice for anyone with allergies, asthma, and similar health concerns! Pressure washing removes dust, pollen, grass clippings, mold, cigarette smoke, air pollution residues, and other bothersome irritants clinging to exterior walls, decks, and roofs.

If you’ve ever noticed that your outdoor environment doesn’t seem to offer the fresh air you expect, invest in regular power washing and especially if you notice moldy or musty smells around your backyard. You can often breathe easier while also avoiding unpleasant odors when you invest in power washing for your Lansing home!

3. Power Washing Can Reveal Areas Needing Repairs!

If your home’s outdoor surfaces are coated with dirt, mud, dust, and mold, you might overlook dents in aluminum siding, chipped brick, damaged shingles or tiles, and other areas needing repairs. Regular pressure washing can expose damaged surfaces as well as rust and corrosion along metal siding, torn shingles, and even cracks and holes in foundation concrete.

residential pressure washing in lansing

Exposing all that damage allows you to make timely repairs before needed fixes get worse! Your power washing costs are then an investment in your home’s overall upkeep and maintenance, not just its appearance.

4. Pressure Washing a Lansing Home Removes Bothersome Insects

Regular power washing removes insect nests and larvae from roof eaves and nooks and corners you might overlook with a garden hose. Washing away those nests means less risk of bothersome insects including bees and wasps ruining your outdoor fun!

Pressure washing can also remove termite tunnels along a home’s exterior, keeping these damaging insects out of your house. While power washing might not offer the same results as a professional exterminator, regular pressure washing can reduce the risk of termite damage inside and outside your home, while ensuring a more relaxing environment along a deck or patio.

5. Pressure Washing in Lansing Avoids Permanent Discoloration

Over time, grass clippings, mold, soot, cigarette and cooking smoke, lawn care products, motor oils, and other chemicals can permanently discolor siding, brick, shingles, wood, and similar materials around your property. The longer you ignore needed cleaning, the more likely it is that you’ll see those permanent stains developing!

Regular power washing removes debris before stains can set in and become permanent. Even if certain materials have started to stain, the sooner you wash away that debris, the easier it is to repaint or otherwise address stained areas, minimizing your repair work.

Leave Lansing Power Washing to the Pros

Since power washing is so vital for a property, you might be tempted to head right out and rent or buy pressure washing equipment and start tackling your home’s exterior surfaces, but this can be a mistake! Improper power washing techniques can strip granules off roof shingles, etch and scratch wood surfaces, dent siding, and outright shred window and door screens. Too much pressure can even rip shingles off the roof and shatter exterior glass!

professional power washing company

Using the wrong cleansers can also mean dirty streaks left behind, or sticky residues that only attract more dirt than before. Power washing equipment is also heavier and more cumbersome than homeowners might realize, and it’s easy to damage landscaping and other decorative features around your property during pressure washing. For a thorough yet gentle clean, trust a professional power washing contractor instead!

ProClean Power Washing Lansing is proud to offer this information about Lansing pressure washing to our readers and hopefully you found it helpful and informative. If you’re in the area and are ready for the most thorough yet affordable power washing for your property, call our trusted Lansing pressure washing contractors. We have over 20 years of industry experience and guarantee all our work! For your FREE consultation, give us a call today.

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