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Power Washing 101: Does Power Washing Remove Mold?

May 8, 2023

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Mold isn’t just an unsightly addition to your home, it’s a health hazard, too. Mold can quickly spread, causing health problems and damage to your property, so it’s important to take care of it as soon as you notice it growing on your walls and roof tiles. If you have mold-covered surfaces in your home or business, power washing may be able to help remove it safely and effectively. This guide will help you understand whether power washing can remove mold on your house and how to properly power wash walls to avoid new mold growth in the future.



How did I get mold?

Mold is caused by moisture problems. If you have mold, it’s almost always related to a leaky roof or plumbing problem. But not always, so check any potential moisture culprits in your home before getting to work on power washing. It's important to resolve the issue that originally caused the mold. Removing mold with power washing equipment is possible, but keep in mind that it’s not guaranteed to remove all traces of mold from your home, there may be areas that are too far gone for even high-pressure water and detergent.

While it’s important to resolve any moisture issues that caused your mold problem, it’s equally important to remove any trace of mold in order to prevent your family from breathing it in. Many people confuse mold with mildew. There are some distinct differences between mold and mildew. Mold will often grow on surfaces that have collected a lot of moisture, while mildew grows on surfaces with less moisture. Mildew is also typically green or gray, while mold comes in many colors.

pressure washing mold on a house

Pressure washing mold

Can it get rid of that ugly black stuff growing on your siding, windows, and foundation? With mold removal services charging as much as $25 per square foot, you want to make sure before you pay for it. There’s no doubt power washing with the proper power washing solution will remove loose dirt, grime, and debris from those hard-to-reach places around your home. But is it worth paying someone to blast away at mold spores that are probably embedded in a porous surface like stone or brick?



As you might expect, you’ll get different answers from different people. Pressure washing is a popular solution to clean everything from homes and patios to decks and siding. It can certainly remove mold. The pressure washer will easily blast away layers of dirt and grit that have accumulated over time on your patio or deck.

Mold spores

You don’t even need to see them to know they’re there. For most homeowners, these microscopic spores are a constant threat, particularly when it rains, which is precisely why you should use power washing services to combat mold growth. Mold is everywhere and very difficult to get rid of without professional help. As such, you should avoid handling mold on your own. Not only can you risk spreading it further, but inhaling mold spores can be dangerous for your health. It's important to remove it as soon as possible.

expert before and after with power washing siding

Where you can use power washing for mold removal

Roofs, siding, driveways, decks, and patios. The power washing process can be used to remove mold on a number of surfaces around your home. The key is to make sure that your surface can withstand water pressure. If not, power washing will cause more damage than it fixes.

Power washers use high-pressure water and jets to remove dirt and grime from most surfaces around your home. While it does a great job at removing dirt and mud from driveways, it can also be used to clean mold off of some surfaces.

Best cleaner to remove mold

There are a wide variety of products that claim to remove mold, but they all don’t live up to their promises. Before you choose a specific product, you should research what types of things it will remove and what types it won’t. For example, if your deck is covered in moldy leaves and debris from last season, it is likely to be made out of wood or pressure-treated wood, so you may need a special cleaning solution for decks or something with bleach or chemicals in order to kill off any remaining fungus.



For those looking for an at-home solution, vinegar, and bleach are two popular options. The concentration of each ingredient will vary depending on how much mold there is, but it can help prevent mold from growing back. Before you begin to spray down your deck, be sure to check out any nearby plants or grass to make sure they aren’t going to be damaged by either cleaner.

cleaning mold with power washing

How to prevent mold

Our homes are filled with moisture which is good for our plants and for ourselves. The problem is that when we live in a home that isn’t properly ventilated, mold can begin to form as a result of excess moisture. When mold becomes an issue in your home, it should be treated immediately to ensure and monitor indoor air quality.



Moisture, in and of itself, is not harmful and can even be beneficial for our health. Excess moisture, however, especially when there’s limited ventilation in your home or office space, can cause mold to grow on surfaces like drywall, carpeting, and furniture. If you notice any signs of mold growth, like visible discoloration on surfaces, musty odor, itchiness, or water-soaked spots – don’t hesitate to contact a professional immediately!

Don’t attempt to remove mold yourself unless you’re sure that you know what you’re doing. Moisture can be extremely harmful to your health and even more so if there is mold present. When in doubt, contact a professional for help!

Besides quickly identifying excess water, there are ways to prevent moisture from forming. When preparing your home for winter, remember to seal leaks and cracks around windows and doors with silicone caulk or weather stripping. If you live in a humid climate that sees little rain during winter months, make sure to use dehumidifiers in areas like basements or bathrooms. These measures will help keep your space as dry as possible, which helps prevent mold growth! If you see any mold contact our certified professionals. We will do everything we can to get rid of any mold present so you can breathe easily again! That’s what we’re here for at ProClean Power Washing Lansing!

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